Toilet Paper? Really?

Human beings have always fascinated me. What they do. What they say. Why they do and say what they do. Family mythology have it that as a lad, I was drawn only to toys with people in them, humanistic ones. Army men. Action Man. Star Wars figurines. GI Joe. MASK. A Sandi doll, which cameContinue reading “Toilet Paper? Really?”

Take Away with Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman has a voice of honey and every uttered syllable belongs to the highest plane of elocution and style. You could listen to his easy tones for hours, but in this case, ninety minutes would have to do. Neil Gaiman is also a polymath in the creative realm. His poetry, comics, short stories, novelsContinue reading “Take Away with Neil Gaiman”

The consequence of fear and shame – sometimes we don’t learn

Last year I decided to give some Year Ten students what they wanted most. I gave them the chance to insult me in public. I asked them to stand up and give me their worst – consequence free. It was a free hit, I said. Go for it. Donuts. Plenty were happy for others toContinue reading “The consequence of fear and shame – sometimes we don’t learn”

The Truth About Surfing

There are a lot of things to like about surfing. There is the laid back lifestyle, all year tan, girls in bikinis and endless summers. Other benefits include physical fitness, a strong connection with nature and the ability to use words like ‘worked’ and ‘stoked’ without sounding like a total flog. Sun, sand and perfectContinue reading “The Truth About Surfing”