Best Reading 2020

Five fiction, five non fiction and some honourable mentions from a year of reading

Lockdown Takeout: The Magic of the Reading Habit

Every obstacle provides an opportunity for growth. This idea is not new and it is not mine. You see it threaded through tomes in airport bookshops, where charlatans and sheisters claim they discovered this essential truth, ignoring that fact that learned older and wiser minds sorted that out a long time ago. What an opportunityContinue reading “Lockdown Takeout: The Magic of the Reading Habit”

A Role Model for the Confined: Count Rostov Lights the Way

One perk of interviewing English teachers is asking this bog standard question: So, what are you reading at the moment? Bored with the responses, a couple of years ago I began asking what they would recommend the most, or had gifted the most, to others. (tip of the hat to Tim Ferriss here). This questionContinue reading “A Role Model for the Confined: Count Rostov Lights the Way”

Take Away with Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman has a voice of honey and every uttered syllable belongs to the highest plane of elocution and style. You could listen to his easy tones for hours, but in this case, ninety minutes would have to do. Neil Gaiman is also a polymath in the creative realm. His poetry, comics, short stories, novelsContinue reading “Take Away with Neil Gaiman”